Project: Cryptid #11


More tales of half-seen, barely believable creatures! First, Stuart Moore and Ryan Kelly introduce us to the legendary Jersey Devil in “The Devil’s Playground.” Then, Bryce Ingman and Mauricet show us the darker side of showbiz with “I Think My Capebelo is Broken”!

Collected Editions

Project: Cryptid


  • May 27, 2023 - 02:30 PM
    AHOY Comics’ Latest Anthology is the Hilariously Unbelievable PROJECT: CRYPTID Featuring Writing by Paul Cornell, Gene Ha, Bryce Ingman, Liana Kangas, Alisa Kwitney, Mark Russell, Alex Segura, and More Plus Art by Steve Bryant, Jamal Igle, Peter Krause, Mauricet, Richard Pace, Ted and Ro, and More... more